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The Anita Discount Card

Experience the incredible savings offered by Anita’s Discounts! For the low price of $99.99 per year, you will have access to exciting discounts every single day on your beloved embroidery products!

What can you expect? A fantastic 30% discount on all collections, an impressive 40% off on All Education, a staggering 50% off on All Pre-Orders, and to top it all off, an additional 10% off on all active sales.

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Special Edition

Americana Homestead

Take a trip back to the simpler days with this charming Special Edition! Americana Homestead brings back the peace and simplicity of horse drawn carriages and rolling hills of farm-fresh crops. Beautiful barn quilts are sprinkled across the town's winding path in honor of traditional quilting practices while ornate, hot air balloons ascend into the skies.

We've filled this scene with quaint quilting touches, like traditional blanket stitch finishes to lush, satin stitched appliqués. Incorporate a variety of fun fabrics like cotton or batik to more tactile materials such as burlap or washed denim for a countryside scene that's sure to stand out!

Americana Homestead includes the 15-block tile scene in 6 sizes, along with 22 design isolations offered in 3 sizes.

Signature Series

Signature Series V: Companions

Signature Series V: Companion release. We have created 4 all-new backgrounds that pair perfectly with Signature Series Volume V, providing exciting new shapes to add to your design repertoire!

Each background in this release does not include the freestanding flowers, lace elements, or final assembly instructions—which can all be found in the original Volume 5 release—but by following those same steps, you’ll be able to piece this new background into a fresh and fun piece together with the original freestanding elements. Included in this Companion release are the machine steps for each of the new design files, as well as a handy fabric planner to help you prep what you’ll need! Stitch out these new blocks, then découpage them with the elements in the Volume 5 book for something truly spectacular!

Special Edition

Star Spangled Banner

Get ready for red, white, and NEW with our Star Spangled Banner Special Edition! Recreate the revered Stars and Stripes like never before through folded fabric and embroidery, then join the blocks together to form this beautiful homage to our nation!

You’ll spot an array of classic quilting motifs stitched into the stripes, while folded fabrics throughout the flag guarantee a quilt to behold. Incorporate a variety of fabric textures, prints, and hues to really flaunt the Americana aesthetic. With multiple sizes to choose from, the finished quilt is sure to be a show-stopper.