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Special Edition Tile Scene

Autumn Woods

Lush leaves create a canopy over a serene stream running past this pair of deer spotted in the wild. Sights of autumn are visible all around, from the vibrant display of fall foliage to the geese flying south for the cooler seasons. A cozy cabin nestled into the woods is the perfect place to bunker down for the cool months to come. 

This beautiful Special Edition is sure to transport you to the serene setting of these Autumn Woods! Created with only 9 rectangular quilt blocks and 6 block sizes included, this beautiful scene is the perfect project to get you in the mood for the annual "changing of the leaves!" Stitch this tile scene to display in an entryway, breakfast nook, office space, or even over the living room couch for the perfect touch of the autumnal season. 

Special Edition

Americana Homestead

Take a trip back to the simpler days with this charming Special Edition! Americana Homestead brings back the peace and simplicity of horse drawn carriages and rolling hills of farm-fresh crops. Beautiful barn quilts are sprinkled across the town's winding path in honor of traditional quilting practices while ornate, hot air balloons ascend into the skies.

We've filled this scene with quaint quilting touches, like traditional blanket stitch finishes to lush, satin stitched appliqués. Incorporate a variety of fun fabrics like cotton or batik to more tactile materials such as burlap or washed denim for a countryside scene that's sure to stand out!

Americana Homestead includes the 15-block tile scene in 6 sizes, along with 22 design isolations offered in 3 sizes.

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Quilting Collection

Butterfly Bliss Quilt

Here at Anita Goodesign, our love for butterflies are limitless, which this collection undoubtedly showcases! This beautifully blissful quilt includes 20 unique quilt blocks, each displaying founder Steve Wilson's stunning butterfly designs. 

The Butterfly Bliss Quilt collection also includes all six of our Mix & Match sizes so that you can effortlessly create a quilt of any size–whether it's a cozy blanket to snuggle up with or a magnificent gift for someone special. Customize your threads and fabrics for a cohesive concept, or create something bursting with fun colors and patterns. The beauty of butterflies is their ability to be both elegant and carefree!