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How to Make a Pillow

How to Make a Pillow

How To Create A Pillow Out Of A Mini Quilt 

Turn any of your mini quilt ideas into plush pillows! We created the two layouts above for gifting to a first responder as something they can bring to an office desk area or even enjoy at home after a long day of saving lives! Keep scrolling for step-by-step instructions on how to create your very own!

Let's Get Started!

Take a mini quilt and create a cozy pillow! Now that the embroidery and four quilt blocks are finished and sewn together, we can begin crafting our pillow! Follow the steps below in order from A - F to complete on your own!

Step A :

Now that the embroidery is finished, you can continue with the pillow. 

Step B :

Attach the front and back fabric's faces together and pin in place.

Step C :

Using your sewing machine, sew along three edges of the pillow, leaving about 1/2” seam allowance. Refer to the diagram above for exactly where to sew along the pillow’s edge.

Step D :

Using scissors, trim the corners of the pillow, so that it will be easier to turn the project.

Steps E & F :

E:  Next, turn the pillow right side out.


F: After turning the project, take the polyfill and place it inside the pillow through the hole. Continue to fill the pillow until you have reached the desired fullness. Next, fold the raw edges of the hole inward, then use pins to close the hole shut.

Final Step!

 Finally, take a sewing needle, sew the pillow hole shut, and remove the pins as you go. Trim any excess thread, and your pillow is now complete!

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