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Quilting In-the-Hoop: Mix & Match Quilting System

Hailey Killgore


Mix & Match collections come with multiple-sized blocks that are fully interchangeable with any other Mix & Match collection. There are redwork collections, folded fabric collections, special editions, jelly roll collections plus many others!

Spring Quilt


That means if you purchased a Christmas Collection 3 years ago and purchased the Quilting 123 collection, you can use those designs together. There are 100s of Mix & Match quilting collections in the Anita Goodesign library and the best part about them is that they all go together! The blocks, borders, and sashing pieces all follow the same size guidelines so that you can mix blocks from different collections and combine them into one project.

Please Note: Depending upon the original release date of some collections, you may or may not have all 6 size options available. Most quilt collections will still remain Mix & Match compatible with their coordinating letter sizes between collections.


All of the Mix & Match collections are offered in different sizes so that even if you only have a 5”x 7” hoop you can still stitch all of the designs in the collections. Next, we list some of the reasons why Mix & Match quilting will become your new favorite quilting style!

The Sizes

Each of the block designs come in 6 sizes, with some older releases having 5 options before the AAA size was introduced. Of course, the larger sizes take longer to embroider. We create all of our samples using the “A” size, unless otherwise noted.

embroidering a bird
Rectangle Quilt Block
Bird in machine
Square Quilt Block

Each Quilt generally block has 6 different sizes: AAA, AA, A, B, C, and D, with AAA being the largest. Be sure to load coordinating sizes for all the blocks when creating your quilt to ensure everything lines up correctly. As always, it is best practice to use the smallest size hoop in which your block will fit. Therefore, you wouldn't want to stitch a 5" quilt block in a 9 1/2" x 14" embroidery hoop. Using too large of a hoop for your design could compromise its quality. 

Patchwork style can be done with mix & match

Our Mix & Match collections tend to feature square quilt blocks, our block sizing system can apply to rectangular blocks too, helping you create patchwork style quilt blocks. 

Just starting out?

These are multiple collections that are mix & match compatible