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Quilting In-the-Hoop: No More Meticulous Measuring!

Hailey Killgore


You no longer have to center your designs, waste fabric or worry about trimming your blocks wrong! The first step is to hoop a layer of cut away, no-show mesh stabilizer. You then add batting and a top fabric to create the block. By doing this all in-the-hoop, you save fabric from not needing to hoop your base fabric!

Quilting in the hoop

measuring The traditional way

One of the Principles of Anita's Quilting in the Hoop Technique is that you will no longer need to measure your fabric for bases, sashing, or any element of the quilt. Using a ruler to cut out a simple square may not be that hard. How about when you have to cut out 12 of them exactly the same? Still not that hard, you might say? How about if you need to cut out 12 squares the same size and also 48 strips measuring 1.5" x 8" and 48 2" triangles for the border, or be sure to include seam allowances. Not so easy right? You will spend more time measuring than you will quilting! This is why we wanted to make it easier. Ensuring that each block is exactly the same when constructing a large quilt is not easy, especially when the quilt contains different sized blocks and elements like mitered corners.

Fabric cut out

Anita's Way

With our Quilting In-the-Hoop method, that way of measuring is no longer the case! Each of the blocks in these quilts uses the same technique. When each block is finished, you will notice a square running stitch line around them. Simply square off your block using your rotary cutter and ruler and they will fit perfectly together, even mitered corner blocks. You will no longer have to worry about measuring, re-cutting, and figuring out angles...ever.

Square running stitch

Easily create coordinating borders on a quilt

Here is an example of our folded fabric technique used in our Learn to Printed Fabric collection, and how we've digitized the measuring process, as seen in folded fabric borders. 

Folded fabric borders example

Complicated traditional patterns can be replicated with ease!

Stitch, fold, and tack to make a clean folded fabric! By using the same repeated process, complicated folds can be created and measuring right in-the-hoop, without the need for pre-cutting fabric.

Take a look at some of the traditional quilt patterns that can be made with the blocks in Anita's University 201: I Can Quilt, shown below.

quilt block
quilt block
quilt block
quilt block

"You will no longer have to worry about measuring, re-cutting, and figuring out angles...ever."

Just starting out?

Check out some of these great beginner-friendly quilting collections that showcase this measuring technique below!