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Quilting In-the-Hoop: No Need to Center Designs!

Hailey Killgore


Picture a 9 block quilt with embroidered designs centered in huge squares of fabric. The fabric is usually puckered and the borders are lackluster. You see lots of these types of quilts for a few different reasons. The first is that in a typical embroidery collection, the designs are all different sizes so it is difficult to put them in the same sized block leaving large areas of blank fabric. Secondly, it is extremely difficult to add a design with a border and design each block to be the same size. With Anita's way of quilting, you will never have to use chalk or invisible ink to draw your blocks on fabric.

Butterfly Quilt Block

Everything Lines Up Perfectly

In the past, people would have to pin their printed designs on the fabric they were stitching on to make sure it was centered. This led to lots of errors and difficulty. With Anita's Quilting In-the-Hoop method, your design will always line up perfectly and be centered.

embroidering a bird
The old way required printing a true size image of your design, cutting it out, then pinning in place... all while trying to get it centered.
Bird in machine
The Anita way simply requires pulling up the desired design and selecting it, dropping it directly centered in your home machine hoop, no adjustments needed! Simply ensure what you're stitching is aligned as desired in the hoop.

Anita's FIles are always centered in the hoop

Our designs are created to stitch out directly in the center of the hoop. This guarantees a perfectly centered stitch-out each time.

Designs featured are from the  Spring 1, 2, 3 collection
Flower quilting

Easily create your own combination blocks without measuring

With our files, you can fully focus on the combination of your blocks rather than worrying about measuring or making sure blocks are lined up correctly. 

Spring Quilt
 Designs featured are from the Spring 1, 2, 3 collection 

"You will never have designs that are off-center or blocks with large areas of empty fabric"

Learn more about how centering designs saves you fabric down below!

Just starting out?

There are multiple 1 2 3 systems all designed on this idea!