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Butterfly embroidery

Quilting In-the-Hoop: Stippling Built Into All Our Designs!

Hailey Killgore


Stippling is built into all of our Quilting Designs at Anita! Because of this, quilting has fewer issues and complications, making it super easy for you all. We take pride in how we've simplified the quilting experience.  Some collections may not feature stippling intentionally due to the collection's style. 

Butterfly Quilt Block

A look at different types of stippling

Medium Stippling
Petal Stippling
Matrix Stippling
Wrap Stippling

Free Motion made easy

Techniques like free motion quilting can be made with ease with our digitizing. We digitize a start and stop point in our free motion embroidery so blocks can connect together to form continuous patterns. Traditionally, free motion quilt stitches are added after you embroider and piece your quilt by sending your quilt top to a shop that can long arm quilt the layers. We have made it so much easier for beginners by including these background stitches in the block digitizing. The quilt stitching will wind up being embroidered behind most of our designs in quilting collections. Want to create your own block with stippling combined with another embroidery collection? We offer a variety of designs that can be merged together for your own custom creations, like Quilting 1, 2, 3! You don't have to worry about the stitches being too heavy behind the design either. They are created using simple-ply stitches. 

Pillow on a chair
This is from the collection Free Motion Embroidery 1

No need to figure out free motion or send your quilt off !

Our stippling being built in our quilt designs saves you all the hassle of figuring out free motion or having to send your quilt off to be fixed. 

"No one will ever know that the quilt stitches were created in your embroidery hoop"

no more troubleshooting with stippling around motifs

The stippling will not run over your decorative embroidery or applique designs, because they have been manually digitized to surround our featured elements as to not distract from them. Look at the quilt blocks below from Butterflies & Bees to see how our stippling surrounds our designs.

Butterfly Quilt Block
Bee and Flower Quilt Block
Butterfly Quilt Block

Just starting out?

Check out some of these great beginner-friendly quilting collections that showcase how easy creating completed blocks can be with our built-in stippling.