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Technique Tuesday - Tile Scenes

Kathryn Bost


Our team of in-house artists illustrate beautiful and detailed pieces of original artwork that are then digitized so you can embroider these intricate scenes for yourself!

Commonly referred to as Tile Scenes, these multi-block images get divided up and digitized into multiple quilt blocks. When the blocks are pieced back together, they create the whole picture! We’ve crafted quite a few tile scenes over the years, from quaint cottage homes or nods to nature, to more ornate scenes like the Last Supper or Noah’s Ark; stitch out a dreamy escape to Tuscany or a crisp autumn day. Whatever themes pique your interest, you’re sure to have a stunning stitched scene when finished!

How To Complete Tile Scenes

If you've stitched quilts before, these steps won't come as any surprise. But, even if your new to this technique, we've made the steps beginner-friendly! Once you've finished running all the blocks in your tile scene, you'll follow these 3 steps:

1. Arrange the Blocks - Follow along with either the anatomy page or example piece in the accompanying tutorial to make sure you've organized your tiles properly—like putting together an easy puzzle!

2. Join Rows: Instead of stitching block-to-block-to-block, and so on, it will make the process much quicker and easier to stitch together rows at a time. This way, you can make sure the whole piece is aligning correctly as you go.

3. Combine: Finally, you'll "Stitch in the Ditch" (AKA sew together along the squaring stitches) the rows together, keeping a watchful eye on the alignment of the tiles for a seamless scene!

After following this simple process, you may want to also bind and back your tile scene, as a way to make it a fully functional quilt that can be cuddled up with, or hung as an art piece! We cover that process in our youtube video, How To Finish Your Quilt.

Ginger Jar detail photo

Tile Scene Extras

More often than not, our tile scenes will include extra techniques to bring even more depth and detail to the whole piece! 

For instance, in our best seller collection Exodus, there is hidden appliqué that is used as a base for the embroidery! This helps pieces look rich and dense with color, without all the extra stitches. Trust us, your embroidery machine will thank us!

In our Cherry Blossom Tile Scene, we encorporate 3D elements, such as butterflies and flowers, to give the whole piece incredible depth and actual dimension!

For our Mini Window Tile Scene, we utilize folded fabric borders to give the illusion that you're peering through a window at incredible scenery! Who doesn't love a little trick of the eye?

Check out our video on putting together tile scenes for an in-depth look at the process!

Looking for a Tile Scene project?

Check out some of these tile scenes below!