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Quilted Traditions

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What's included with Quilted Traditions?

This color melt quilt is sure to melt the heart of whomever recieves it! The interwoven cable designs used throughout the main blocks and sashing provide the quilt with an air of tradition without becoming too complex or difficult to decipher. Longer, more delicate fan designs used in the borders help surround the tighter patterns with an open weave. In a wash of blues, this quilt is sure to drop some jaws with its simple yet stunning patterns.

Each design theme contains 8 types of blocks, including sashing and squaring. This means if you really loved one particular theme, you can easily create an entire quilt using only those 8 blocks. Easily mix and match a variety of blocks from different themes to create even more opportunities!

With so many beautiful patterns to choose from, you have the perfect reason to patchwork! This quilt layout requires no sashing or fancy border arrangements. If you’ve never joined blocks for a patchwork style quilt top, simply remember to join the blocks together in either columns or rows, combining smaller blocks to make larger sizes that are easier to join. The best part about using a fat quarter for color planning is that you can arrange the order any way you like!