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Embroider Your Way through the USA!

Presenting our captivating "The 50 States" design collection, where each design is meticulously hand-drawn to showcase the unique beauty of every state. 

These extraordinary designs seamlessly blend stunning appliqués and intricate quilt patterns with iconic cityscapes, landmarks, and the representative bird and flower of each state, creating a true celebration of America's diverse landscapes.

The versatility of "The 50 States" collection knows no bounds. You have the freedom to embark on grand-scale projects by combining multiple states, creating awe-inspiring quilts, wall hangings, or even decorative tapestries that pay homage to the entirety of the United States. Alternatively, you can opt for a more focused approach, selecting individual state designs to embellish smaller projects, such as tote bags, pillows, or clothing items, infusing them with a personalized touch that represents your favorite states.

Celebrate your state's heritage

Explore these whimsical state map composites decked out in embroidered details. Discover iconic landmarks and highlights, along with the state's bird and flower in exquisitely crafted embroidery.

Each of the 50 States Comes with

Quilt Designs (4 sizes each)

All the quilt designs are Mix & Match compatible and each state can be combined together to create a large project. 

 Individual Designs (2 sizes each) 

These are the individual designs that can be used on bags, shirts, and even home decor! 

The 50 States

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