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Signature Series Volume III: Flower Garden

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Signature Series

PLEASE NOTE: PLEASE NOTE: This item is a digital download with a limit of 2 downloads. It is important to securely store files as Anita Goodesign cannot be held responsible for lost files.

Please note that instructions for stitching out these projects are included in the Physical Product. There is no PDF included in the design downloads.

What's included with Signature Series Volume III: Flower Garden?

A Plentiful Bouquet

There are 30 three-dimensional, gorgeous freestanding flowers to embroider in super easy steps.

Design Flexibility

Each flower comes in two variations: one in low-density stitching and one in full-density, with both variations including two size options.

All The Trimmings

There are also 10 loose petal sets, 4 loose leaf sets, and a variety of 4 jumbo leaf files to use within your assembled works.

Cultivate a new love for freestanding florals with Signature Series Volume III. Each flower was hand-digitized by Stephen Wilson to add painterly-like realism to every petal and leaf. As for the embroidery process, a base of organza allows the designs to be both light and thin while still remaining durable. Signature Series Volume III includes straightforward instructions on ways to shape your flowers using only a few basic notions, helping anyone create beautiful, dimensional art pieces and more!

The notions needed to create these three-dimensional flowers are most likely already in your embroidery arsenal. After assembling the various petals, the final result will prove to be jaw-dropping!

When dreaming up project ideas for your flowers, the possibilities are truly as big as your imagination will allow! From a floral brooch for hats or sweaters to embellishing a tote bag or even adding onto gifts, these ornate blooms can take any idea from average to elaborate in a few simple steps.

The ephemeral beauty of flowers combines with the permanence of thread, creating a long-lasting and dimensional bouquet.

– Stephen Wilson