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Quilting 1, 2, 3

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PLEASE NOTE: This item is a digital download with a limit of 2 downloads. It is important to securely store files as Anita Goodesign cannot be held responsible for lost files.

What's included with Quilting 1, 2, 3?

1. Choose Your Background

You will start your new quilt by choosing your background. There are 3 different stippling backgrounds–small, medium and large–plus a variety of fun geometric patterns like chevron, waves, diamonds and more!

2. Choose Your Frame

There are over a dozen different frames included. After you choose your background, you will choose a frame to go with it. We have included so many different styles from simple borders and diamond corners, to extravagant frames including multiple folded fabrics!

3. Choose Your Design

The best part of this collection is that you can use any embroidery design that you already own! However, we wanted you to create a quilt right away, and it may take you a while to sort through all of the designs you have accumulated over the years, so we have included a 60 exclusive designs to get you started!

There is another aspect to the Quilting 123 collection that you will love. This is like having two giant collections in 1! We have included a variety of folded fabric quilt blocks that will make traditional patterns like herringbone and flying geese quilts a breeze to create!

There are dozens of different sashing blocks included in this collection. You can choose one that perfectly suits your new quilt. There is no need to worry on whether the sashing and borders are going to line up. Since they are created in your embroidery hoop they will line up every time.

Imagine creating a quilt block that has borders that are puffy! We have included this brand new technique for you to try. These blocks were specially digitized so that you will be able to add puffy quilt batting into the borders for an amazing effect!