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Heirloom Seasons

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What's included with Heirloom Seasons?

Quilting Designs

Isolated Designs

Mix & Match to Build Your Blocks

Build Your Own Block

This collection comes with several completely customizable designs from quilted backgrounds, to folded fabric borders and mergeable embroidered designs, so that you can create your totally original quilt block for a quilt that best represents your favorite season. There are countless ways to mix and match these backgrounds and borders. If you want to add other isolated designs from your favorite collections, all you have to do is pick the correct size and merge it with the other design elements.

Quilt For All Seasons

Each season has its own colorway, but just as summer slowly turns to fall, each season shares some colors and every technique to maximize the quilting possibilities. In this collection, we will show you how to use seasonal colors together, showcasing a variety of layout ideas from single-season quilts to combining complimenting seasons together, all the way to a year-round masterpiece!

So Much Inspiration!

We love thinking outside of the hoop! Using quilt blocks and isolated designs, there’s no end to the amazing things you can make with Heirloom Seasons. From shirts to bags; pillows to framed art, we have included some great seasonal ideas for you to try.