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Shop amazingly festive quilting collections.

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The hottest designs to impress all your friends and family during the holiday season or any other time (because we love Christmas all year long)!

Special Edition


Advent Calendar Quilt

Grab your embroidery hoops and a festive fat quarter bundle for this exciting (and absolutely adorable) Advent Calendar Quilt! We've taken the classic "25 Days 'til Christmas" countdown and turned it into a fun and interactive quilt the whole family can enjoy for Christmases to come.

Each block is adorned with festive animals and holiday motifs, from hot cocoa to Santa and his sleigh! Each day in the count down features a corresponding pocket file that will get stitched out first, with the blocks having a step for the pocket's attachment right in-the-hoop.

Project Collection

Festive Figure Ornaments

These freestanding holiday ornaments will add the perfect pizazz to your trees and homes! We’ve combined multiple elements of embroidery and our in-the-hoop technique to make these festive adornments truly special and long-lasting. Regardless of how you celebrate the holidays, there is sure to be a keepsake ornament in this collection for everyone!

Quilting Collection

Stained Glass Christmas Quilt

Our fabulous Stained Glass Christmas Quilt is sure to turn heads and get double takes with its dazzling display that looks like glass! With the right fabrics and threads, you can captivate and fascinate with a truly unique—and functional—work of art. Inspired by the intricate stained glasswork seen in church windows and doors, this collage of standard appliqués truly replicates the experience of peering through the gorgeous glass. For the best finished results and similar effect to what we created, try incorporating batiks and other hand dyed fabrics for the perfect "light-leak" look!

Anita's Express Project Collection

Holiday Peeking Pot Holders

Add a touch of festive charm to your kitchen this holiday season with our Holiday Peeking Pot Holders collection. Crafting your own potholders has never been easier, thanks to our unique in-the-hoop designs that require minimal sewing. Get ready to be greeted by adorable holiday characters peering over the pocket, spreading good cheer as you prepare delicious meals for your loved ones.

Embroidery Collection

Christmas Gnomes

Get ready to spread the holiday cheer in the most charming and whimsical way with our Christmas Gnome collection! With our collection of 10 delightful designs, you can transform ordinary stockings, gift bags, and pillows into enchanting Christmas creations that will bring joy to people of all ages.