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Anita's Anniversary Quilt

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What's included with Anita's Anniversary Quilt?


We have explored the traditional beauty of wedding ring and fan quilt blocks and expounded on their foundational lines and curves, adding interest and nostalgia to the collection.


The floral motifs you see ornamenting some of the traditional quilt blocks in this collection were taken directly from the hand-drawn artwork from our Anita’s Anniversary commemorative book, and where hand-digitized by Stephen Wilson.

Much More

You see will a ton of quilt layout examples to inspire your creations and diagrams on how to use each quilt block, not to mention the isolated floral designs included that can be used to embellish any project!

With even just one block, you can create an amazing quilt that evokes traditional patterns with the added twist of realistic embroidered floral accents.

As you add more block designs to your quilt composition you will discover the incredible combinations that can result from the variety of designs included in this collection. The possibility are truly endless!

Embark on a creative journey as you push the envelope by mixing a variety of block styles and expanding your layout into a glorious oversized quilt. The addition of the scalloped blocks included provides a unique finish to any quilt layout and truly brings it to the next level.