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Anita's Fonts

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PLEASE NOTE: This item is a digital download with a limit of 2 downloads. It is important to securely store files as Anita Goodesign cannot be held responsible for lost files.

What's included with Anita's Fonts?

Five Exclusive Multilingual Font Families

Ligature Swashes and Symbols

Coordinating Decorative Designs

The three Roman fonts featured in this collection, Marlow, Amber Hills, and Enchanting, are as beautiful as they are versatile. These are upright fonts, meaning they aren’t slanted or italicized. Their characters follow a fairly consistent shape and size, and aren’t meant to connect as script fonts do.

Script fonts are the perfect way to add a delicate and sophisticated touch to any project you’re planning. This type of font features curling lines that draw out characters that are meant to connect with one another, mimicking the look of cursive handwriting. We’ve included two script fonts in this collection, Oakley and Lattice Script, so you’ll be able add a formal touch to anything you’d like!

These versatile decorative designs feature three different sets of decorative embellishments to help your designs pop! This collection will show you step-by-step picture instructions to get you comfortable merging designs in your embroidery machine!