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Noah's Ark

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Special Edition

PLEASE NOTE: This item is a digital download with a limit of 2 downloads. It is important to securely store files as Anita Goodesign cannot be held responsible for lost files.

What's included with Noah's Ark?

This is a 20-block tile scene where we’ve incorporated both standard and hidden appliqué to enhance the design by creating more depth and realism for a stunning result.

We have made it easy for you to finish a show-stopping quilt in a fraction of the time by using strategically-placed appliqué to reduce the amount of time it normally takes to stitch a tile scene with this level of detail.

We have included details in the tutorial of how many of the fabrics we used were batik or grunge to create more texture without the need for excessive embroidery, making it a breeze to plan you project!

This tile scene features lots of colors, shapes, and animals. Although the thread colors are myriad, you can rest assured knowing that each quilt block actually features appliqué as part of the background and some of the animals. In the collection tutorial, we will give you the lay of the land, so you know exactly how much fabric to get and the colors we used for the A-sized blocks.