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Victorian Roses

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What's included with Victorian Roses?

10 Stitched Borders + 3 Center Blocks

There are 10 different blocks with stitched roses that work together in sets of borders and straight blocks. Each comes with a mirrored version and in 4 different sizes. We have also created 3 center blocks to go along with the borders, which are perfect for rectangular projects like table runners.

10 Running Stitch + 9 Blank Blocks

There are also 10 different blocks with running stitch roses and 9 blank blocks. Each of these blocks comes with a mirrored version and in 4 different sizes. These blocks are perfect for creating large quilts faster and with less stitches. They can be combined with the fully stitched blocks for even more variety!

Individual Designs

There are over a dozen individual designs that can complement any embroidery project. Add them to pillows, bath and kitchen towels, curtains, and other home decor accessories to turn your whole house into a stunning embroidered rose garden!

This finished quilt is 48” x 48”, using the largest size blocks. You may think this sounds like a big project, but it really isn’t! We have created 4 small quilts and then stitched them together to create a large one. In this collection we should you step-by-step how to create this project, along with a variety of other project sizes and combinations!

You can make elegant pillows with this collection using only the corner designs! For this sample, we used the striped square corner blocks. This design is truly beautiful because it looks like so much more than just 4 blocks when finished. We added a 2.5” border and a tassel trim to the pillow for added impact.