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Wonderwood Quilt

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Special Edition

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What's included with Wonderwood Quilt?

Blooming Branches

The main blocks are comprised of branches featuring lovely blossoms and teeming with life. The branches reach out to the sides and connect to each other seamlessly, allowing you to expand your tree and mix & match the designs.

Natural Growth

The trunk blocks connect vertically to each other and horizontally to other branches. Grow your tree as high as you’d like and spread out its limbs as far as you’d like, using the included ending blocks to finish your tree beautifully.

Framed Finish

The border blocks included carry the theme of the collection without taking away from the extensive details of the lovely flora and fauna represented in the quilt body, for a complete framed finish that draws your eyes into the main event.

Each block type serves a purpose within the quilt. Although you can always be as creative as you like, keeping the main structure of the quilt will guarantee a successful project. By making sure to match up the main square and rectangular blocks with their respective trunk shapes, there are hundreds of combinations to create. We have included diagrams in the collection tutorial to make it easy to arrange the blocks.