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10 Gift Giving Ideas For Crafters

10 Gift Giving Ideas For Crafters

Gift-giving can often be a challenge. Especially for those who love to craft. Odds are, your crafty friends have made you the best homemade gifts that money can’t buy, leaving you with the challenge of finding one just as good, if not better! No worries! I have found 10 perfect gift-giving ideas that will leave your crafty friends in awe and ready for their next project!



Whether they are filled with delicious treats, kitchen essentials, or the recipient’s most-appreciated necessities; gift baskets are a fun way to dedicate the perfect gift. Aside from the special goodies that reside in these unique baskets, personalize your design by using a few of our motifs from our Quilted Gift Baskets collection. Mix and match these blocks within the collection for the ultimate customized pattern; or try playing around with decorative cottons and different thread types such as matte or metallic! Celebrate in style with our fall scenery or spring into summer with our fun florals and butterflies. Each of these Quilted Gift Basket designs comes in 3 different sizes!


Giving gift cards as a gift may seem like a boring idea to most, but it’s a great way to let someone choose. Spice up your gift cards with our Double Gift Card Holder collection – it brings double the trouble by allowing you to place two gift cards in one, and is topped off with cute sayings and fun fabrics. From coffee cravings to birthday shenanigans, you can become the ultimate gift-giver by stitching out one of our Double Gift Card Holders for a friend! Pair gift cards for two of their favorite places to shop with our practical and cute holders!


While sewing machines and Cricuts may be the hot topic for craft chats, there is another realm of crafting experts who enjoy designing their products on the computer! So if you have a friend who spends most of their time curating the perfect product online, the Embroidered Mouse Pad gift may be the ideal solution! This project can be done in a matter of minutes! So pick your colors and get started!


Do you have a friend that enjoys selling their art at craft shows? Are they in need of a new change bag for their adventures? Try making them one of our Monogrammed Ruffle Bags and help them exchange their change in style with either their initials or the name of their business! These functional and fun bags are completed with a unique ruffle process, and require minimal sewing to stitch up the sides.


We’ve taken practical projects to the next level with this latest collection! Learn just how easy it can be to create a customized wallet, perfectly sized for day-to-day cards and I.D.s, and make the perfect cover for your travel passport! Gone are the days of toting multiple wallets or bags while clutching your travel documents; with our adorable Modular Passport Wallets you can customize the number of pockets included and stitch the perfect design as a gift for a friend or family member!


Pins always end up where we don’t want them, especially without a pin cushion handy. Solve all your pin problems in one fell swoop by creating your very own Star Pin Cushion! These are easy to assemble and are made with the same process as our quilt blocks and a little sewing! You can gift one to yourself and customize one for a friend. Add in a set of brand new pins and a few of their favorite sewing tools for a cute and crafty gift!


You no longer have to run to the store and spend an arm and a leg on an expensive gift bag that ends up in the garbage or at the bottom of a hallway closet. These Keepsake Sack are perfect for stashing all your gifts and remaining useful afterward. Each of these designs is sure to bring that special touch of not only thoughtfulness but also utility!


If you are an avid crafter, you know the guilty pleasure behind saving every bit of scrap fabric. Save your scraps all in one place by adding them to one of our Cinched Scrap Bags. The bag is finished off with a drawstring closure, so you can keep things covered while opening and closing it in a cinch! Make one for yourself, or create one as the perfect gift for the fellow maker in your life.


Now, more than ever, letters to loved ones are a great way to show how much you care! If you love embroidery and crafting, this project is for you! So skip out on the cheesy card aisle and hop on the DIY stationery trend by making a beautiful personal gift for someone you love with our Printed Fabric Stationerycollection.


Our Stabilizer Tags collection is an oldie but a goodie! If you or a friend need a new and fun way to stay organized, our Stabilizer Tags will make it easy to find the perfect stabilizer every time. They’re the perfect size to label everything. We have 15 designs to choose from, including blank frames so you can add your own sayings and even make reusable name tags for yourself and a friend.
If gift-giving is your love language, and we haven’t listed the ideal project for you, check out our website for more gift ideas. We have a ton of projects that make for the perfect present!
If you decide to stitch a homemade gift for a family member or friend, snap a picture and tag us on Instagram and Facebook for a chance to be featured on our social media pages!
As always, Happy Sewing!
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