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Anita’s Express: 5 Boho Chic Collections You Didn’t Know You Needed

Anita’s Express: 5 Boho Chic Collections You Didn’t Know You Needed

Anita Goodesign is full of magnificent collections, and while most of us love getting involved in a complex project that involves time and energy, a few of us are looking for a quick craft fix. That is where Anita’s Express comes in.
Anita’s Express is a category of projects that can be completed in 45-90 minutes. To some, this amount is ideal! Let’s face the facts, at some point in time almost all of us have started a trendy project, realized it took up too much time and energy; and now it is left all alone in the corner of the craft room as if it has just been punished and put into time out! Luckily, a quick Anita’s Express project will help bring back some of that motivation and energy. We have personally selected five bohemian-style collections you may not have known you needed.
You may be asking, What is “bohemian style?” Bohemian style or “boho” chic dates back to the late 60s and 70s and features a variety of earth tones, flowy fabrics, retro patterns, layered garments and accessories, tassels, fringing, and much more. This unconventional style provides a whimsical and carefree aesthetic that can be seen anywhere from garments to casual home decor. These five projects are a mix of just that – unconventional, trendy, free-spirited, and better yet, under 90 minutes from start to finish!


Our Floral Cinched Bags collection is my top choice for this boho-chic category. The materials are fantastic and everything boho embodies! From thread colors to fabric, this collection provides a whimsical boho aesthetic. These small floral bags are perfect for holding your change, mascara, chapstick, or headphones! Constructed in two hoopings, these bags use one of 12 design files that feature decorative embroidery for the front and a blank file for the back! Use materials such as faux suede or linen for the ultimate boho-inspired cinched bag!


Our Hoop Wall Mobiles are a great decoration when you are looking for bohemian style wall decor! The familiar wooden hoop and muslin cloth are both beautiful and nostalgic. Pair your designs with materials such as cotton, muslin, denim, leather, silk, or suede! Choose a warm and earthy color palette paired with one of our ten designs. While some of our motifs may not represent the bohemian style we are going for, you can curate your own aesthetic by incorporating your own tones and textiles! From floral embroidery hoop art to nature, fruits and camping, choose from an array of designs and curate them to the atmosphere of your own home. Add in some suede cord, feathers, tassels, or beads to enhance the boho-chic effect!


The free-spirited bohemian trend will always be in style, and that even includes your home decor! Stitch out of a set of these beautifully embroidered Hand Stitched Cork Coasters for your home or camper. As you travel from one place to the next, decorate your indoor and outdoor space with this unique project to provide some fun. This collection features eight hand-stitched designs with astonishing mandala-like motifs in various colors. Collect your coziest color palette and embroider these beauties for your next round-about experience and sip in style!


As if Mandala coasters were not enough, we also offer a Folk Quilt Placemat collection to go hand in hand! Enjoy this embroidery project inspired by all things bohemian as you decorate your tablescapes in American folk art. This Anita’s Express collection gives you ten designs to stitch into placemats to enhance your dining experience. These versatile designs can be used in a country kitchen or for a hostess gift! You can even use a few of these wonderful designs as nightstand decor.


Last but certainly not least, is our Southwestern Plant Cozies. If there is anything in this world that screams boho-inspired interior, it’s cacti! Cacti come in many shapes, sizes, and colors and fit great with our aesthetic. Create the ultimate desert oasis, bohemian-inspired interior by placing your potted plants in one of our South Western Plant Cozies. This style of South Western art is specifically digitized to fit perfectly in a 6″- 8″ wooden embroidery hoop.
These five collections are just a snippet of what we have to offer at Anita Goodesign. While the bohemian style is trendy to most, it may not be ideal for you. However, there is no need to worry! We have many collections that make for quick and easy projects on our website. So head on over to and search Anita’s Express for fast projects that can be completed in under 90 minutes. You won’t be disappointed.
As always, we hope you enjoy all that we have to offer! Also, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram and Facebook for a chance to be featured! We love to see what you come up with!
Happy Sewing!
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