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3 Essential Machine Embroidery Thread Types | What We Use At Anita Goodesign

3 Essential Machine Embroidery Thread Types | What We Use At Anita Goodesign

Hello Everyone! Welcome back! I have noticed a common question asked at almost every single live event: What thread and needle are you using for this project? There are three common threads that we use here at Anita Goodesign! Join me as I discuss each thread and show you a few collections that feature these commonly used thread types.
At the end of each thread type, I will list the brand names, recommended needles, and a few collections listed within our embroidery library that feature these beautiful thread options!

Polyester Machine Embroidery Thread

In the textile industry, polyester is one of the top man-made fibers used when creating embroidery threads and fabrics. You’ll find that almost every collection and embroidery design here at Anita Goodesign features polyester embroidery threads!
There are many reasons why polyester is a fantastic textile. First and foremost, polyester creates a beautiful, luscious finish due to its high color fastness! As an added bonus, these threads are durable and resistant to sunlight and abrasion. We put a lot of time and effort into our embroidery projects, so we want them to last with normal wear and tear. Polyester threads have strong properties that allow them to withstand quite a few wash and dry cycles! 
There are many collections in our embroidery arsenal that use polyester embroidery threads. Listed below are three of my personal favorites that we offer here at Anita Goodesign!
Brands Used: Floriani and Madeira       Needle Size: 75/11

Metallic Machine Embroidery Thread

Metallics are the second top choice here at Anita Goodesign as they add just the right amount of sparkle to each collection! You may have seen this glamorous textile as stippling or decorative stitching. People will frequently steer clear these luscious threads because they’ve been known to not stitch out as smoothly as a polyester thread; however, metallic threads are actually great to work with when you know all the tips and tricks! 
When it comes down to purchasing your metallic threads, it’s quality over quantity. We have all been in a scenario  where our metallic thread continuously breaks throughout our project. This is one item you will want to ensure is top quality for your sewing projects!
Try spacing out your metallic threads on your stand to sew along with a bit more ease. You can use thread nets to avoid tangling other threads in the process. To give your metallic thread a longer lifespan, pop them in the freezer, or reduce the tension and speed on your machine! 
So, what makes metallic thread one of our top choices here at Anita Goodesign? Metallic thread has a nylon core, which is a good indication of strength and allows us to stitch with ease while avoiding a tangled mess. These unique threads have a protective coating that allows them to glide through your machine with less friction and without fraying and shedding! 
Hopefully, with these tips and tricks, you will feel much more comfortable adding metallic threads  to your next project!

Brands Used: Floriani and Madeira       Needle Size: 90/14 or 80/12

Matte Machine Embroidery Threads

The third top thread used at Anita Goodesign is matte! This one is my personal favorite due its smooth, muted finish! Almost all of our collections that feature matte thread are created using Madeira Matte Frosted threads as they are light-fast, provide intense color, and have a distinctive finish. Madeira Matte threads are also true to color, which makes prepping your design much easier! They also provide you with 201 color options! 
When planning each collection and their color way, we mainly use matte threads for a beautiful satin stitch finish on our standard appliqué. You can also utilize this technique as a fill stitch for a nice muted finish!
If you are curious to see how a finished matte thread collection looks, be sure to check out our options listed below!

Brand Used: Madeira       Needle Size: 75/11

Thank you for tuning in to another Anita Goodesign Blog! Don’t forget!  Please share with us your blog ideas and email us at! Each week, I aim to inspire you with cute projects and fun tips and tricks, so you can move into your next project with ease! 
If you would like to learn a little bit more about the thread options listed above, be sure to check out my video, Anita’s Thread Basics!
While these are the top three threads you may see featured throughout our collections, there are plenty of other variations such as Gunold, Variegated, Holographic, and Glow in The Dark! The possibilities for your project are endless. Experiment with different thread types and show us what you come up with! 
I hope you’ve all enjoyed today’s blog! Don’t forget to tune in next Friday at 9:00 AM EST for another fun project,  featuring adorable puppies! 
Happy Sewing! Brooke
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