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7 Top Trending Fabrics For Quilting in 2022

7 Top Trending Fabrics For Quilting in 2022

As we spring into the summertime aesthetic, we’re excited to share our favorite fabric trends for the season! While Veri Peri, Pantone’s Color of the Year, has made its way into the rising trends of 2022, there are a few other textures and prints we will bring to light as the top trending styles for the upcoming season!
What makes these select styles even better? Anita Goodesign loves to incorporate these exact styles into our everyday projects! We have used a variety of textiles throughout our collections that you will see much more of in 2022. Now let’s take a closer look at these trendy textiles!


Denim, the forever classic, rules the fashion industry from accessories to apparel and everything in between.This trendy textile will never go out of style and can be seen in many forms, such as bomber jackets, ripped jeans, and upcycled handmade items. Add this diverse textile into your next sewing project, just as we did with our Tortilla Warmers and Gnomes For All Seasons! This 100% recycled material is great for tearing up and perfectly placing throughout your design as base fabric or standard appliqué! Grab a pair of your old Levi’s and stitch them into something unique! Choose from a variety of styles, such as colored or distressed denim! 
If you want to create a more extensive project involving this material, your local fabric shop will carry denim by the yard. Then, add your own twist using iron-on vinyl, embroidery designs from Anita, or other exciting embellishments!


Flowers will play a significant role this spring/summer season as they dominate the fashion industry with their bold colors and mesmerizing imagery. Once dainty and graceful, these prints are now taking over with strong, botanical motifs. Pair these large-scale elegant florals with Stephen Wilson’s Signature Series 2, 3-dimensional flowers! Alternate your blocks by using floral base fabric and 3D floral elements throughout your design. We also offer many floral collections that may coincide with your project, such as Floral PhrasesFloral SpraysFresh Flowers, and SEW much more!


Environmental-inspired printed fabric is on the rise as the fashion industry pushes for more action against climate change and its impact on the environment. In 2022, you will find a significant focus on eco-friendly textiles involving organic properties and recycled elements. So take a walk through the calm, quiet and beautiful outdoors as nature-inspired materials are one of the highlighted fabrications from spring/summer 2022! You will find patterns that incorporate luscious greenery and vivid tones of timber while featuring an earthy and neutral color palette. Explore the perks of these nature-based textiles while incorporating sustainable materials!


If you are a big fan of Anita Goodesign, you may recognize this textile in most of our work.  You see, while we research many upcoming trends and gather inspiration from our favorite artists around the globe, we also aim to be the trendsetters as well, which is why we are more than thrilled that dye-printed fabric is taking over the fabrication process this season. Batik fabric is created with a special printing process involving wax being applied to specific material areas.When the wax dries, the material is then submerged in dye, which produces gradient colors that look as if they have been faded by the sun. This material looks best for most of our projects when used as water and grass elements. However, some shades of Batik also look great as standard appliqué for select animals. Play around with various shades of these unique fabrics , we’d love to see what you come up with! 
If you are looking for a bit of inspiration, be sure to check out our Hawaiian Quilt collection!


Stripes are back and better than ever for spring/summer apparel and projects. Whether you are wearing them horizontally or vertically, expect to see a variety of styles through the fashion industry and fabrication process. From silks, cottons, and small and large stripes, designers of both prints and apparel are ready to create a massive impact with bold and bright colors! 
With stripes on the rise, we have a few fun collections here at Anita that will allow you to hop on the current trend while being creative! One of the most unique collections is Create Your Own Fabric Strips! There are 12 fabric strip designs that come in three sizes. Express your creativity by making your own version of stripes in your next project.


Chinoiserie is a 17th-18th century Western-style textile seen in  furniture, wallpaper, pottery, and much more to represent the amazing European interpretation of Chinese styles. Today, you can see many versions of this style of print in interior design projects such as lamps, wall art, dresses, quilt blocks, and even embroidery designs. 
To hop on this trend, We recently launched an All Access Exclusive collection that is only available to our All Access Members! This collection is titled Tea Garden and represents various forms of Chinoiserie with teacups, birds, fans, and other elements.
If you are not a member of our All Access Club, you should consider joining! In the long run, you will save a tremendous amount of money on all of the upcoming year’s collections, AND you will get exclusive content only available to members, just like our Tea Garden!
Even if you are not a member,  there are many ways you can incorporate this unique touch into your project. One example is our China Blue Quilt, which is a unique quilting collection that draws its inspiration from the gorgeous designs of fancy china dinnerware. Each of the twenty blocks is created with embroidery-only designs, so they stitch out effortlessly. We chose to use a tonal blue and white color palette to evoke memories of china place settings used during family meals, a reminder of quality time spent together.
We also have a smaller collection titled Chinese New Year, priced at just $5! This collection is strictly embroidery.
If you are looking to add printed fabrics that resemble the elegant detailing of Chinoiserie, be sure to check out your local fabric stores and add these amazing forms of art throughout your next project!


While animal prints are nothing new to the fashion scene, these prints are back and ready for the ultimate takeover. When it comes down to your favorite fabric options, animal print may seem like a last resort, however, don’t be intimidated with these textiles. There’s no denying that printed cotton makes for excellent background blocks, border blocks, you name it! This is where a fun animal print comes in handy! This unique quilting style uses our standard appliqué technique and mix and match your blocks throughout your quilted design. Try adding a twist to collections such as Tropical Mirrored Blocks, or skip out on the decorative fabric and create your own one-of-a-kind border with our pop-up Animal Print Napkin Corner!


While these 7 textiles may be a hot topic this season, the best part about being the designer of your personal project is the ability to choose what fabrics and threads suit your project best. If you do decide to spring into summer with these 7 top trending fabrics for quilting in 2022, be sure to snap a picture and tag us on social media! As always, we love to see what you come up with, and if you’re lucky, you may be featured on our social media pages!
Happy Sewing!
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