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A look at Friendship Quilt

A look at Friendship Quilt

Sometimes, words and store-bought gifts are just not enough to show how much you appreciate your best friend. That's why we've crafted the ultimate quilt to express your friendship—using the gift of creativity!
Friendship Quilt is the first Special Release of the new year, and it's popular not only for its adorable motifs but also for the detailed tutorial that comes with it. Today, we're giving you an inside look at this newest Special Release and the enclosed tutorial!

What's Included

Just like Friendship, no two Friendship Quilts are the same! This Special Edition comes with over 70 motifs, specifically designed to be personalized by the user. Our main blocks feature cartoon friends with hair, skin, and clothing that can be customized with different thread colors. Also included are saying blocks with a variety of friendship quotes, frame blocks for photographs, and isolated designs for other projects.

Printed Fabric

One unique feature of this collection is the framed quilt blocks for photos. If you've never done printed fabric before, you're in the right place because the Friendship Quilt tutorial includes an entire section about printed fabric.
Step-by-step, we teach you how to take your favorite picture of you and your friend from the computer to your fabric. Adding this personalized element to your quilt makes it that much more special! 

Easy Design Steps!

Like all Anita Goodesign tutorials, Friendship Quilt is equipped with design steps listed at the end of the tutorial for each individual block. We've also included visual images of the entire embroidery process for you to follow along. See our sizing guide to help you determine the amount of fabric needed before you head to the store. Not sure what thread colors to use? We've provided our recommendations!
Whether Friendship Quilt is your 50th project or your first, we've provided all the information you need to create a perfect personalized gift for that special friend.


Friendship Quilt is more than just a quilting project. With the included motifs, there's no limit to what you can create! Our tutorial provides project ideas to inspire your creativity. Frame a friendship quote for a fun decoration, or stitch the cartoon friend motifs on matching t-shirts! What better gift for a friend, daughter, or niece than a tote-bag with a cherished photo of the two of you printed on it? This collection is the perfect way to celebrate memories and friendships for years to come.

Friendship Quilt is available NOW! Shop here!

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