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How to Access Your Anita 365 Club Designs and How Discounts Will Work

How to Access Your Anita 365 Club Designs and How Discounts Will Work

Let's walk through the process of retrieving your Anita 365 member designs and show how discounts will be calculated at check-out. Keep reading to learn more!

Accessing Anita 365 Club Designs 

First login to you Anita Goodesign account with your email and new password.
Once you're logged into your account, there are two different ways to access your 365 drops. It is all depending on personal preference. The first way to access the designs is by hovering your mouse over the Anita 365 tab at the top. 

From there, click the particular month you would like to view.


Click on the design of your choosing, and then you will be transferred to a new page where you will find the 'Download Now' button. 

Click the 'Download Now' button to receive the selected designs zip file. 


The next way to access designs is by clicking the person Icon at the top right. 

From there, click on the 'Your 365 Downloads' button, and all of your club downloads will be displayed there. 

These designs download exactly the same as those mentioned previously above.


Anita 365 Member Discounts

In Anita 365 Club, members receive 30% off collections and singles, 40% off education packages, and 50% off of pre-order for larger sets. When going to purchase an item under those three categories, the discount will be automatically applied at checkout. 
Select the collection you are looking to buy, and add it to your cart. 

The discount will be shown when the item is added to your cart. *Remember you must be signed into your Anita Goodesign account for the discounts to appear.

We hope this helped clarify any questions or concerns you had regarding your Anita 365 designs and discounts! As always, if questions still remain, email us at 


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