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Baby 1,2,3

Baby 1,2,3

Today we are featuring one of our favorite collections for the family, Baby 1,2, 3. This huge collection of baby and toddler-friendly designs are sure to bring a smile to the parents-to-be and everyone who comes across their beautiful new family. We have created more than 150 adorable designs for the new baby’s blanket, pillows, toys, clothes, and more! There are so many animals, appliqués, and phrases to combine and choose from, the nursery will be overflowing with love!

Step 1: Pick Your Design

Choose From Animals, Toys, and More!

With over 100 animal designs, and over 50 designs of baby’s favorite things and phrases, we have made it easier than ever to make custom clothing, accessories, and stuffed toys to cater to every nursery theme. Our animal designs are the sweetest and cutest around has been carefully curated for the modern baby.
As with all of our collections, remember to think outside the box and, most importantly, have fun.

Step 2: Pick Your Size

Different Sizes For Every Project!

The three sizes combined can make a great set of clothing and accessories perfect for the baby.
A-sized designs are great for toddler clothing and more extensive projects like blankets, burp cloths, and pillows. The B and C-sized designs work well on newborn to 18-month clothing and can be used on smaller projects like toys to be embroidered and bibs.
Designs can even be placed onto a quilt block! Measure your quilt block, and use the merging feature of your machine to put the Baby 1,2,3 design in the middle.



Babies can’t typically speak for themselves, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot to say! Even the tiniest of babies have their own prominent, inspirational personalities. Our collection caters to the sweetest and the sassiest of little tykes around.
Baby 1,2,3 comes with 15 different sayings to match every unique personality, and each comes in 2 sizes so they can be paired with A and B-sized designs.
Combining phrases with animal and toy designs is easy! Combine A-sized designs with A-sized sayings and B-sized designs with B-sized sayings for a cohesive, tidy look. Once loaded into your embroidery machine, designs are automatically centered; all you have to do is adjust where you want them placed on a bib, shirt, or onesie.


  • Newborns to 18 months old babies have smaller clothes and will fit B-size designs.
  • Babies and toddlers have more space to work with. We could fit the A-sized designs and sayings for toddler clothes.
  • Fabrics with high loft fibers will need a topper added to the material. They come in “heat away” (disappears with ironing) and “wash away” (disappears in water) versions that hold down fibers for crisp, precise embroidery.
  • Cubbies are adorable stuffed toys with an opening and removable stuffing, making it super easy to hoop the little guys and embroider custom messages and pictures on their bellies.
  • Some baby clothes are so tiny and adorable that they won’t sit flat in a hoop! Remember that you may need to open seams to embroider onto the garment or blanket to hide the back of the design. Once complete, use your serger to sew the project back together.
  • Babies have soft, delicate skin that can be irritated easily. If your project has a high stitch count with a scratchy back, try using an iron-on backing, like Dream Weave, to make the design soft to the touch.

Baby 1, 2, 3 Embroidery - Baby Clothes


There is an over 70-page tutorial included with this collection. Every detail on every step is beautifully photographed and explained. Every question will be answered, from embroidering the dolls to sewing them together.
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