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Autumn Monogram

Autumn Monogram

We are presenting our Autumn Monogram collection! Our team had a lot of fun designing this collection. Each letter has unique autumn embellishments that swirl around the letter. We give you the embellished letter in 2 sizes. We offer them in 4″ x 4″ and 5″ x 7″ hoop sizes. We also included unadorned and clean letters; we knew some customers would appreciate a more simplistic monogram. The unadorned letters would be perfect in the classic three-letter monogram combination. We also decided to add eight different accent motifs to partner with the monograms. By arranging and mirroring the motifs, you can create beautiful quilt blocks and large monogram designs!
See the images below to see some of the different styles of letters in this collection.
For the project we created using Autumn Monogram we decided on creating a wall hanging decoration! Our decoration will display the word ‘Autumn’ using the adorned letters as well as some of the motifs within the collection.
We also included the pattern, fabric scans, and plenty of notes on how we created the project. Scroll to see more!


Don’t forget to add seam allowances!
All measurements provided are finished. All fabrics used were interfaced before embroidering with fusible interfacing. As for the embroidering, we used a tearaway stabilizer.
We began with a larger square for your letters when embroidering to be able to cut the blocks correctly later on.
Begin construction with the letters by joining with coordinating piping to accentuate between the seams. Add the small rectangle at the top and the ‘home plate’ shaped piece at the bottom. (I started with a larger square piece and cut it to fit my measurements after sewing to the ‘N.’ )
When adding the next section of banding (the stripe), begin by adding at the top and bottom. The bottom peak of the hanging is a 90-degree corner, so it is easy to sew first and center at the bottom. Sew the side bands next, truing your edges and carefully marking and joining the two side pieces with a mitered seam. (I made the bands with the borders longer than I needed to by at least 2 inches on both ends, so I had room to adjust in case my embroidering was slightly off. Also, I did not cut the angle for the border until I had ‘stitched in the ditch’ through all the layers, including the backing. Which happens to be the next step)
Lay down a backing fabric to coordinate with the hanging and layer your batting next, then to top as it is done so far. Leave 2 inches all around the entire hanging, pin, and stitch in place. Mark 1 inch outside all raw edges (this mark is your finished edge enclosed by the bias, mark accurately and cut to the final measurement so you can apply the binding!) I stitched 1/4 inch from this mark through the batting and back before I made the final cut. For the bias edging: cut 4 inches, press in half, and sew with a 1/2 inch seam. This will make the 1 1/2″ border. I sewed from the back and finished the front by hand!

Here is the finished project!

See below for the close-ups of the block and border we created.


Listed below are all the fabrics we used in our wall hanging decoration. You can use this as a guide for what colors to pick and a reference in the design pages of the tutorial. In the steps for each design, we have named the appliqué to correspond with the names below. This way, you will know exactly what color to use throughout your project.
Here are a few examples of designs you can use Autumn Monogram to create!


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