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Bountiful Harvest Tile Scene  – DIY Embroidery

Bountiful Harvest Tile Scene – DIY Embroidery


If you have never created a tile scene the Autumn Season is the perfect time to try it. A tile scene is created by combing machine embroidery with quilting techniques. I wish that a hoop size was created that was 3 feet by 4 feet but since that doesn’t exist I needed to figure out a way to create a tapestry like that with multiple pieces that are combined, hence the tile scene. I have designed dozens of these over the years and once you master the techniques needed to create one you will hang a new one every season. They are created in a similar fashion to a quilt, you simply embroider all of the tiles individually and then join them like a quilt. You can then add borders or frames to them to finish. It’s that easy!


Here is the scene with numbered blocks. This is how we scanned in the painting and created the grid to divide the design into individual files that will fit on your machine. Each block comes in five different sizes to fit the most common hoops! The design files are all numbered in this order.


This is the very first completed tile scene we made after we picked our fabrics and threads. We started by picking some spare fabric for all the appliqués and then picked our threads based on the fabrics we had on hand. Since fabrics can vary so much, the best practice is to always get your fabric together before you pick your thread colors.


Listed below are all offabrics we used in the tile scene for the appliqués. You can use this as a guide for what colors to pick, as well as a reference in the design pages of the tutorial. In the steps for each design we have named the appliqué to correspond with the names below. This way, you will know exactly what color to put where throughout your project. These fabrics vary between regular cotton/poly blends, linens, and flannels. As long as you are able to match the color up with the pictures below you should be able to use all the Floriani thread colors we have provided in this tutorial. If your colors vary from ours, make sure you adjust your threads to match the fabrics you pick.


This page contains all of the Floriani colors we used in this tile scene. Each color gives a brief description, as well as the thread length used given in meters. All the thread lengths are based on our A size block.
If you are going to use these Floriani colors, make sure the fabrics you chose match up with the pictures on the fabrics pages. If you select different fabrics, you will want to match your thread to them. If you are going to use a different brand of threads in this design, make sure you transpose those colors to each corresponding design. For example, if you are going to use 900 instead of 486, make sure you use 900 every time you see 486 in the design steps. This will ensure accurate and consistent colors in the finished tile scene.


Each of the tiles scenic include step by step instructions on creating every aspect of the tile scene.
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