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Christmas Pot Holders

Christmas Pot Holders

If you need one last Christmas present this holiday season, then Christmas Pot Holders are a perfect collection for you to try! These potholders are created by embroidering two designs: the first is on the front of the potholder, and the second is on the back. The back is created all at once using a unique hooping technique that creates a flawless finished product. Everyone will want one of these holiday potholders!


Using the proper materials is essential for creating a potholder that will successfully protect the skin from the heat. For fabric, you’ll want to use medium-weight cotton or linen fabric to complete the potholder. We recommend using Insul-Bright Batting because the fabric is specifically designed to reflect heat. To absorb the condensation, Insul-Bright material has to be used in addition to a layer of cotton batting. Warm & Natural Batting is our top choice for high-quality cotton batting.

As is true with all of our designs, you can stitch this project in any color of your choosing. We decided to stick with gold and brown threads for a regal holiday aesthetic that can go with all decor. To create the texture in our potholders, we chose a neutral-colored waffle weave fabric that matched our threads.



There are two different ways you can use this collection. The first variation creates the potholder project and requires squaring, batting, and a tacking stitch. However, you can also stitch the 12 individual embroidery designs onto other projects such as tea towels, sweatshirts, or t-shirts! Each design comes in three sizes, giving you endless creative possibilities.



With all our Anita Goodesign collections, you receive a detailed tutorial that will equip you with everything you need to complete a flawless project. 



This Christmas Pot Holders Collection is available for immediate download!

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