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DIY Mesh Beach Bag | Patch and Attach

DIY Mesh Beach Bag | Patch and Attach

Hello! Welcome back! If you clicked on this blog post, then you may be in the market for some personalized beach gear! If so, lets get to it!
If you are someone who needs to stay busy on the beach or just enjoys long walks while feeling the warm breeze and the sand between your toes, it is more than likely that you will be walking back to your beach hut with more than 2 or 3 sea treasures in your hands. To avoid fumbling your new findings, consider creating one of our mini mesh beach bags!
Anita Goodesign offers a variety of collections that can be transformed into more than the eye can see. While you may be looking through your favorite quilting projects, odds are the embroidery designs within that specific collection can be used to create a patch! For this project, we choose three collections that complement one another; and will also show different color variations and sizes for your beach bag. 
This project features three collections that include; Learn to Ribbon Appliqué from Anita’s Express, Fashion Explosion 1Special Edition, as well as our Nantucket Monogram!
Start by choosing a collection of your choice to create as a patch for your bag. In order to create a patch out of regular embroidery, your motif must be finished off with a satin stitch and trimmed with some felt left around the edge to prevent unraveling. You will also need white or black felt and Tear Away stabilizer! How is it attached? Continue reading to find out!
For this project, we chose to make our patch out of the Nantucket Monogram collection! Stitch out your desired patch. If you are unsure about how to complete this very first step, head on over to our YouTube channel where I personally teach you How to Patch and Attach!


Once you have your patch all stitched and trimmed, it’s time to cut out your 2 mesh panels in the color of your choice! For this project, in particular, the dimensions for our bag are 11” x 17”.


Next, cut out your bias tape using the dimensions 47” x 2”. With this measurement, you will have plenty of fabric to complete clean edges around the bottom and sides of the bag, as well as finishing off the top edge and stitching your ties.


With the materials trimmed out, it is time to attach our patch. To begin, the very first step is to use only 1 of your mesh panels. Then, there are a few ways you can add the patch decoration. You can pin your patch in place, and either use the inside of your satin stitch as a guide or just like I did in the YouTube video, you can stitch down the center of the satin stitch. If your design is a bit more difficult and you’d rather not sew it, consider using Heat n Bond to attach your patch instead!


With the patch secured in place, lay the two mesh panels on top of one another with the patch facing right side up. Stitch around three sides while leaving one of the 11” sides unsewn for the opening of your bag. Make sure to sew the right end as you want your motif to be standing upright once finished.


Once your mesh panels are stitched, we will move on to the bias tape. Begin by folding your fabric strip in half and press using a steam iron. Open your strip back up, and fold your outside edges, so they meet the center line we just created; this creates four separate sections. Next, fold in half once more. Your bias tape should look like the picture to the left.


Clamp your bias tape around the sewn edges of your mini mesh beach bag, and pin it in place. At this moment, we will avoid pinning the 11″ opening, also known as the top edge of our bag.


Once pinned around all three sides, your bag should look like this! Now stitch your bias tape in place.


Repeat the same process for the opening of your bag.


Now we will create the tie. Using your leftover bias tape, pin your strip together and edge stitch all the way down. This will create a clean finish for your ties. To ensure all edges are correctly tucked away, don’t forget to fold the ends of your ties in by ½”!


Now it is time to create the casing! Cut out two strips of fabric using the measurements 11” x 2”. For this project, we chose a fun printed cotton to match our patch and light, beachy color palette.


Using a steam iron, fold and press your edges towards the wrong side of the fabric at a ½”. Repeat the process for the other casing fabric panel.


Pin your casing in place through one layer of your mesh panel. Top stitch down both sides of the casing. It is very important that you only stitch through one layer of mesh as you will close your bag shut if you stitch through both layers. Be sure to also leave the ends of your casing unsewn. Repeat this process on the other side with the other casing fabric panel.


Next, push a safety pin through one end of your tie. Feed the safety pin through the first casing until it pokes out of the other end.


Next, feed your tie through the second tunnel.


Pull your ties tight, finish off with a bow and your Mini Mesh Beach Bag is now complete!
Some of us love walking down the shore and collecting seashells, which is why the mesh bag is perfect for a multitude of reasons. Not only do you have the ability to carry all of your sea treasures with ease by making a personalized mesh drawstring bag, but you can also add your child’s sand toys and other beach essentials inside these mesh sandbags to avoid a sandy mess inside your totes or coolers!
I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! Don’t forget to send me an email at with any suggestions on topics you would like me to discuss!
Stay tuned for next week as I have something extra special coming your way, which may involve the Christmas season!
Thanks for joining me!
Happy Sewing!
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