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DIY Mummy Pillow

DIY Mummy Pillow

Boo! Welcome back! I hope you are ready for some Halloween fun because today’s blog involves a DIY mummy pillow project!
Have you ever purchased a collection from Anita Goodesign and wondered whether you could use a particular motif for something else? Well, the answer is probably yes! For this DIY project, I chose to pull in one of Anita’s top Halloween collections, Trick or Treat Bags. This collection comes with 12 different Halloween-themed designs, with each motif available in two different sizes!
In the past, you may have purchased this collection, made a few bags, and let it fall behind. Well, I’m here to tell you it’s time to pull the collection back out because we are making something new and exciting!
Of course, when new collections hit the site, our first thought often relates to what our next quilt will look like, how we will make the project, or what we would love to place our embroidery designs on next! However, it’s time to think outside of the box! By skipping just a few simple steps, you have a new project at your fingertips.
When looking through our Halloween collections, I thought it would be fun to create a new project, out of a project-based collection. Who would have thought to place the front of a bag on a pillow? This is where the mummy pillow idea originated! Skipping machine steps within a design is much easier than one may think.

To shop the original Trick-or-Treat Mummy Bags click HERE!

Guess what! The best part about today’s blog is that we provided a step-by-step tutorial on our YouTube channel to follow along! You can find this video by clicking here or viewing below.
Now let’s get started! For this project, I started with step number 2. This was the placement stitch for the skin appliqué. Once I ran step three, which was my tacking stitch for the skin appliqué, I then skipped to step number 6, which was the placement stitch for the eyes.
Since I only wanted the face portion of this design, I then continued with my numbered machine steps and stopped once I finished step 12, which was the satin stitch for the skin appliqué. Then it’s time to add your textured fabric to portray the look of a real mummy!
I hope you enjoyed today’s Halloween spooky DIY Mummy Pillow tutorial! You can look forward to more fun projects in the future as we inch closer to more festive, fun projects!
If you decide to test out your own version of this project, snap a photo and tag us on Instagram and Facebook!
We love to see what you come up with!
Happy Sewing!
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