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How to Sign In and Access Designs & Purchases

How to Sign In and Access Designs & Purchases

One of the biggest improvements with this new website is how simple signing up and accessing designs is.  We wanted it to be easy and straight forward, so that there was no confusion. Because we want to ensure that the transition of this new website goes smoothly, we have explained how to sign in and access designs in this blog post. Continue reading to learn how to do so!

How to Sign In 

Go to the website and click on the person icon to the top right of the screen.
After that, you will login with the same email and password as before. 

How to Access Designs and 365 Downloads


To access designs, click on the 'your purchases' button. This will show you all the collections and designs you have bought. 


When you click on 'your purchases', it should look like this. 


To view 365 downloads, it's the same. Click on 'your 365 downloads' button, and all of your club downloads will be displayed there. 


To download the designs, simply click on the desired design. This will lead you to a page that has the button 'download design'. Just click on the button to download. 


And just like that, you're signed in and have access to all of your designs! If you have any questions regarding this, email us at 

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