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Themed Shopping

Themed Shopping


Shopping at Anita Goodesign has never been easier! Now, with the new website, we have themed shopping.  This allows customers to quickly find designs and collections based on the category they are searching for.  For example, people can find a halloween designs by clicking the halloween theme. The only designs shown will be ones matching that category.   There are many other themes such as, sports, lace, religious, floral, etc. Keep reading for a step by step guide on how to utilize themed shopping. 

How To Access Themed Shopping

When entering the site, there is a 'shop' button.  To access themed shopping, hover your mouse over the shop button to reveal the drop down categories. The categories will look like the picture below. Simply click your desired category and begin shopping!


Manual Search

If you'd rather manually search for a product, you still can by clicking the search bar to the top left of the page. 

Search whichever collection you are looking for in the search bar.

This new way of shopping will hopefully help our customers find certain designs a lot easier without having to search all day long.  We hope you enjoy this new feature and website. Happy Sewing!

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