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Stitchin' in the Kitchen

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What's included with Stitchin' in the Kitchen?

With Stitchin' in the Kitchen we created 3 different styles of quilt blocks: standard quilt block with embroidery, stippled quilt block with folded fabric borders (perfect for merging in embroidery designs), and our unique crazy stitch folded fabric blocks. The best part is that these quilt blocks can be turned into much more than just quilts!

We have pulled 22 pieces of art from all the designs we came up with for Stitchin' in the Kitchen. We isolated these designs in two different ways, with or without color splashes, to give you a total of 44 more designs! Plus, we have also added 18 designs including appliqué for a fun and textured look! These are all easy-to-stitch designs that you can add to just about anything!

Whether you’re a cook, a baker, or just a food enthusiast there are designs for everyone! With these designs you can make pot holders, casserole grabbers, towel toppers, magnets, mason jar lids, and so much more!