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Did you know you can create beautiful quilts like these in your embroidery machine?

In the past, creating a perfect quilt took years to master, requiring learning multiple techniques that were mostly done by hand. Until now.

The Traditional Way vs. The Anita Way

Traditionally, embroidered quilts take a lot of time, patience, measuring, and materials. Anita’s Quilting-In-Hoop method eliminates the frustration while saving both your time and precious materials.

We will show you how cumbersome the traditional way can be compared to how we have revolutionized quilting in home embroidery machines.

Traditional Way:

Hoop Large Pieces of fabric

Fabric and stabilizer are hooped together while only a small area gets embroidered. This results in lots of fabric waste after trimming your block to size.

Anita's Way:

Hoop only Stabilizer

Only the stabilizer is hooped, so there's no need to worry about unnecessary fabric waste. Plus, stabilizer is cheaper than fabric, so you'll be saving on materials and cost!

Traditional Way:

Measure, and measure again

Once the design is embroidered, you'd measure all sides and find the center, while ensuring the design sits straight and centered when trimming out the block.

Anita's Way:

Simply place your fabric

Place your fabric on top of the guide stitch and embroider away. Everything will be perfectly centered when the design is finished.

Traditional Way:

It’s still not quilted!

After all this work, you still end up with a block that is just a thin layer of stitched fabric. You'd still need to add batting and quilt stitches to give your block that dimensional, quilted feel.

Anita's Way:

Quilted in-the-hoop

Anita has incorporated a batting step in every block, plus beautiful built-in decorative stitches, so you won’t have to add those in later. You end up with a fully quilted block all done in the hoop.

Traditional Way:

What about borders and frames?

To frame your designs you’d still have to measure the border fabrics as well and piece them all together perfectly.

Anita's Way:

The frames are part of our designs!

All of the borders and frames are included in each block. There is no need to add borders later.

Traditional Way:

Interested in a new technique?

Every new technique is like starting over. Bargello, cutwork, tile scenes, and every other technique has a new set of rules, tools and limitations.

Anita's Way:

Once you learn our method you can create anything

You will easily be able to master the most intricate-looking designs using the same techniques. All of our Mix & Match Quilting designs use the same exact steps.

You won't want to create a quilt the traditional way ever again!

Other advantages of Anita's quilting way:

Want to create quilts in your embroidery machine? Start here!

Anita's University 201:
I Can Quilt

This comprehensive curriculum will empower you with our unique quilting method, designed to save you time, money, and fabric, making it a win-win-win situation for every quilting enthusiast.

Unlock the secrets of exceptional quilting and create stunning quilts that will be treasured for generations to come.

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