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Fall Traditions Quilt

Fall Traditions Quilt

The air is getting cooler and it’s time to create Fall Traditions!
Fall Traditions is based on a collection we produced about 8 years ago titled Autumn Harvest. I loved the idea of that collection because it was one of the first quilting collections that I had ever designed. When I came up with the idea for the Autumn Harvest quilt I wanted to combine different quilting techniques like echo stitching, stippling, crazy quilting, and blanket stitch appliqué into one collection which we succeeded in doing. Since then we have authored over 50 collections and have come up with truly innovative ways to create quilt blocks in your embroidery hoop. I loved the art so much in the Harvest
Quilt collection that I wanted to re-create all of the concepts in it using our Mix and Match techniques as well as add more designs for borders and sashing. The designs have been re-digitized and reinvented using new techniques best of all they are fully compatible with all of our other Mix and Match quilting collections. Each of the blocks comes in 4 sizes and all of the individual embroidery designs used in the blocks are included as well without the backgrounds.
Steve WilsonAnita Goodesign, Inc.
This example shows the different blocks combined with the included border blocks. The borders are designed to be sized perfectly to be combined easily with the other designs. This example shows all of the different types of blocks used together. By alternating the blocks, you can also create a quilt using only the apples or pumpkins.
These blocks are perfect for using your beautiful fabric and a fully stitched realistic embroidery design. This block is created using standard appliqué. There is now folding of the material involved, so when you trim the pieces of fabric, they will have a raw edge. Fear not; a beautiful motif stitch covers all of the edges before the blocks are finished. The numbers shown in the example to the left demonstrate the order of the appliqué pieces. You can easily create the look of hand-embroidered blanket appliqué with these blocks. The designs are created using a unique 3-step process. A standard placement and tack-down stitch are used, with a blanket stitch added for decoration. The blocks are finished with an echo quilting stitch to add variety to the finished quilt.


In this example, we embroidered 2 of the patchwork blocks and 2 of the folded fabric blocks along with an echo and stippling block in the center. You could use this method or use only one type of block with different motifs for equally beautiful results.

Different Block Types


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