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Frequently Asked Questions – Anita 365

Frequently Asked Questions – Anita 365

Q: When will All Access End?
A: All Access will continue until December 31, 2022. All Access members will continue to receive what they have always received until the end of the year.


Q: Can I still sign up for All Access?

A: No. We are no longer offering All Access memberships to new subscribers. 


Q: What will happen to my All Access Membership?
A: If you are a current All Access Member, you have already been transferred to our new club, Anita 365, for the remainder of your membership, including a bonus month for free!


Q: Will the designs released in Anita 365 be the same as All Access?

A: We will be dropping brand new designs for members of Anita 365 each month every few days. Some drops will be single designs, and some will include sets of 2-5 plans each. In addition, we will also release two exclusive designs each month for members only that will not be available to purchase online by non-members. 


Q: How much does the Anita 365 Club membership cost?

A: $365 (Just a dollar a day) annually.


Q: What is the value of the designs I will receive each month as an Anita 365 Club member?

A: If purchased separately, the value of the designs you will receive each month would cost approximately $240.


Q: Can I use a gift card to purchase an Anita 365 membership?

A: You cannot use gift cards to purchase the Anita 365 membership, but it can be used on any other purchases from our website and will not expire. 


Q: Are there monthly payment options for Anita 365?

A: The Anita 365 Club is an annual club. However, we will continue to offer Affirm and PayPal payment options at checkout online for those who wish to pay over time through those payment vendors. 


Q: Does my Anita 365 membership discount begin as soon as I sign up for Anita 365? What does it include? 

A: Yes! As soon as you sign up, your member pricing is automatically activated. Log in to your account, and see the special member price reflected online. Larger Collections will be discounted by 30%. Educational Packages will be 40% off. And Pre-Orders will be available to purchase for 50% off. 


Q: Do I need a code to use the discounts included with my membership?
A: No. Once you log in to your online account, product pricing will be automatically available at the member price!

Q: If my All Access membership expires before January, are there any incentives for me to join Anita 365?

A: Yes! If you join Anita 365 in October 2022, you will receive three free bonus months added to the end of your membership. If you join in November 2022, you will receive two free bonus months. And if you sign up in December 2022, you will receive one free bonus month to your membership! Current members can also renew now and receive those bonus months too.  


Q: What will happen to my previous purchases from All Access?

A: Nothing! They will still be in your member library with all your purchases. 


Q: How will I receive new designs with my Anita 365 membership?

A: New designs will be automatically added to your member library as they are released throughout the month. 


Q: Do Anita 365 new releases have to be downloaded by a specific date? Will they expire?

A: No, we will release new designs throughout the month and add them automatically to your member library. They will remain there and be available for you anytime. You will receive an email when a new design is dropped.


Q: I understand Anita 365 will include all new designs; how about new collections? Are those included?

A: Larger Collections will not be included in the designs you receive with Anita 365 automatically; however, they will be available at a discounted price so that you can select the collections you want.


Q: Will new releases still include tutorials/step-by-step instructions? 

A: Yes, new designs will be dropped into your account along with instructions, just as with All Access.


Q: Do you have examples of the designs that will be released in Anita 365?

A: We will continue to release new amazing designs in Anita 365. Please stay tuned for sneak peeks of those by following us on social media and signing up for our emails.


20. Q: Will you still have sales online?

A: Beginning in January, we will only offer a discount on products to members. This membership aims to provide you with the best pricing for being a part of the Anita 365 club so that you can enjoy a special price without waiting for sales!


Q: My All Access membership ends in November. Will I be able to purchase the December issue separately?

A: If you enroll in Anita 365, you can start receiving the member price as soon as you sign up. That would include 30% off all collections!


Q: What if I didn’t receive an email with information about Anita 365?

A: If you didn’t receive an email, don’t hesitate to get in touch with You can also check your junk or spam folders and add us to your approved contacts for future communications!  


Q: What do I do if I still have questions?

A: If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our Customer Experience team at or call at 704-708-9277

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