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Holiday Extravaganza

Holiday Extravaganza


With so many Christmas embroidery designs, it can be difficult to narrow your search for the perfect gift. That’s why we’ve created a one-stop shop for all your holiday-crafted gifts! Holiday Extravaganza is our first “A La Carte” style product, offering a unique assortment of 16 of our favorite Christmas-themed collections! That means that the one Premium Plus collection you’ve been eyeing all this time can now be purchased in parts, only the projects you want at a price that fits your budget. 

Let’s take a closer look at all the designs offered in Holiday Extravaganza. 



Holiday Extravaganza contains many collections that are suitable for home decor. If you’re looking for a unique ornament for the tree, our 3D Angel Ornaments are a perfect option! These angels are created using Dupioni silk, metallic thread, and our 3D embroidery technique, which makes them stand out against other decor. 

Our Garland collection is also a popular choice in this A La Carte menu for its versatility. Whether you’re using it as home décor, a necklace, or a fancy poinsettia headband, these designs are great for adding some flair to your holiday decor. To hang your garland, string several of these designs together with a ribbon and add batting to give more body for hanging on Christmas trees, around doors, or over your fireplace. 

These quick and easy projects are a great way to add even more sparkle to your Christmas decorations!



 If you’re looking to start a quilting or embroidery project this holiday season, our Snow Globe collection offers great designs for quilt blocks, shirts, bags, towels, and a multitude of other projects! The Snow Globe designs were digitized using specific techniques to prevent the vinyl from perforating. The vinyl that we use in this collection is medium-weight clear vinyl, the same you would use to cover your dining room table to protect a tablecloth! 

Our “Stitched Designs” collection is another great option if you’re looking to elevate quilting or embroidery projects. This collection offers easy-to-stitch motifs like a stocking, angel, and dreidel for creating festive bags, towels, or holiday sweaters! The tutorial in Stitched Designs also offers a step-by-step guide for making quilt blocks with holiday folded fabric. This useful technique is something you can take with you to all your future quilting projects!



Holiday Extravaganza offers a wide variety of collections for cards, gift tags, and gift card holders. One of our favorites is the Stocking Gift Card Holder, which safely stores a gift card in a mini holiday stocking. Add a little ribbon, and these free-standing stockings can also be used as ornaments! The best part is that this project is completed entirely in the hoop, so it’s no problem to stitch last minute! 

Anyone can purchase a holiday card, but very few of us can actually create an embroidered one! The Holiday Card collection is a great way to learn even if you have never created embroidery on paper before. Usually, if you try to embroider a standard design on paper, the design will perforate the paper and fall through. Our Holiday Cards have been digitized specifically for paper embroidery, so not only are they easy to stitch, but they also look professional when completed.  




 In-the-hoop zippered bags have always been some of our favorite gift ideas, and Our Mini Keychain Bag collection is no exception! These mini bags are made in two easy hoopings with no additional sewing required. They are the perfect size to be attached to your keychain and used for extra change, lip balm, or to hold your favorite candy. These mini zippered bags are fun and easy to create and can make great gifts for anyone on your list.

When we made the Towel Toppers for Holiday Extravaganza, we immediately decided to digitize beautiful coordinating designs for your towels with Towel Tips! Combining these two projects together makes it easy to add extra flair and a welcoming holiday feel to your kitchen. For these collections, we chose to use a type of sticky back stabilizer called Floriani Perfect Stick Tear-away Stabilizer! Our detailed tutorial will teach how to use this product for this collection, as well as countless other projects!





To shop, click the link provided above! You’ll notice a drop-down menu on the product page where you can pick and choose your collections from the Holiday Extravaganza.

If you stitch out any of these designs, feel free to send photos of your finished projects to

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