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Quilting in-the-hoop: Sashing & Border Blocks

Hailey Killgore


There are many ways to further decorate or even enlarge your quilt, and one of our favorite ways is by adding sashing and border blocks! These specialty quilt blocks are smaller in scale than the main quilt blocks, and help tie everything in the quilt together. A lot of our collections already come with sashing and border blocks, meaning your blocks will be perfectly coordinated with the rest of the collection!

Spring Quilt

Sashing and Border Blocks complete a quilt

Sashing and border blocks add the perfect finishing touch to a quilt. Sashing blocks space out your main blocks to create an eye-catching framing effect! Border blocks are meant to tie everything together and make the entire quilt look nice and neat, while breaking up the visual look of the block designs in your quilt top. Different techniques can be used for both sashing and border blocks. For example, sometimes folded fabric is used when we want to showcase materials rather than design, while other times they can be fully embroidered to an extra touch of detail.

Quilts that include sashing and borders

In Sweet Sayings, we included a set of sashing and squaring blocks to coordinate with the collection. They are perfect for framing the blocks or spacing them out into a larger quilt. We opted to use folded fabric on the borders seen in the sample below. This really pulled everything together!

Our Vintage Seed Packets has folded fabric borders for each individual design built into the blocks. Along with this, coordinating embroidered sashing blocks with flowers and leaves were included in the collection to tie in the theme of seeds and growing a garden. Use them to frame out the blocks included, or even with another quilt (more on that later)!

The Quilted Traditions collection contains multiple-sized sashing and blocks! The smaller sashing creates a more traditional-looking finish. It allows for a balanced looking quilt without anything too distracting. The larger sashing is more eye-catching and leaves a dramatic effect. In this collection, larger, full-sized scallop and square corner blocks are included to give you variety when finishing your quilt. It all depends on what your desired shape is and the look you are trying to create.

Our beloved Animal Adventure collection has a bonus collection that added animal-themed sashing, borders, and corners. This collection is Animal Adventure Corners & Borders. It features fun embroidered motifs like animals, insects, leaves, flowers, etc. Folded fabric borders are included as well. The added touches of sashing and borders elevate the already wonderful quilt.

Utilize mix & match quilting for borders & sashing

Here at Anita, we try to make things as easy as possible, especially when stitching out a quilt. We strive to give you all the tools needed to create a magnificent quilt where everything coordinates well together. Because of this, we love to include border and sashing designs that help tie the finished quilt together with a coordinating theme. This gives you less of a headache when trying to finish the quilt and finding elements that work well with the main designs or theme.

With our Mix and Match collections, you can use sashing and border blocks from all different types of collections to truly make the quilt unique. This means that if you love the sashing from one collection, such as plain folded fabric sashing or squaring blocks, you can combine them in the same file size with another Mix & Match compatible collection! Check out our combined quilt sample below! 

Just starting out?

These are quite a lot collections that include border blocks and sashing. Check some out of our favorites below: