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Technique Tuesday - Needlepoint Embroidery

Technique Tuesday - Needlepoint

Kathryn Bost


Elevate with antiquity

Each pixel of color has been specially digitized to repeat the thread ply multiple times over each spot! This layers up the density to create the illusion of thicker, hand stitch floss thread.
Unlike traditional needlework which is done by hand, our designs mimic the classic grid-like style, making it possible to have this effect stitched right on your home embroidery machine! 

The needlepoint  technique is one of history's oldest forms of embroidery and is immediately identifiable by it's pixelated, grid-like appearance. Traditionally, hand stitched embroidery uses multi-ply cotton "floss" thread, which comes from the need for thick, industrial strength stitches. However, this kind of thread can't be used in home embroidery machines, so how do we do it?

Our needlepoint collections bring the past into the present, while still giving a nod to its historic roots! Each pixel of color has been specially digitized to repeat the thread ply multiple times over each spot! This layers up the density to create the illusion of thick floss thread. 

Let's take a look at all the ways this technique can be used throughout our catalogue and how you can bring the beauty and history of needlepoint embroidery into your hearts and home.

Make Stunning Projects!

Needlepoint Birds on Napkin
Make a charming, hand stitched style quilt with our Needlepoint Christmas Quilt! Try stitching one block a day and have the whole quilt ready in 12 days! With our Quilting In-The-Hoop process, blocks include batting and base fabric application as you stitch so all that's left is backing the quilt when you've finished the blocks!
Needlepoint Snowflake Trivets
Our Needlepoint Snowflake Trivets collection includes stunning designs and step-by-step instructions on how to make trivets as well! This is a great beginner project to try out this technique and learn how to make functional art as well!
Needlepoint Snowflake detail
Use our Needlepoint Birds collection to add a DIY, hand stitched touch to customize table linens. Use nature inspired colors to coordinate with each bird and coordinate the flowers to match with your dining room decor!

💡 Did you know

Needlepoint embroidery goes back thousands of years to the ancient Egyptians, who used small slanted stitches to sew up their tents. There is some needlepoint art as far back as 1500 BC!

Think Outside the hoop

Making gorgeous decor has never been easier or quicker! Our needlepoint designs are standard embroidery, meaning all you'll need to do is follow the color changes and in the blink of an eye, you've created hand stitched style art! But what now? A fun and fast way to make decor or gifts is to stitch these designs on linen and transfer them into a traditional embroidery hoop! You'll only need a good pair of scissors and a hot glue gun to trim the design to size & secure the hoop closed.

Needlepoint Florals in a traditional embroidery hoop.
Our Needlepoint Florals look breathtaking hooped in simple wooden embroidery frames! You could decorate a whole wall or add just a single piece in your office area!

Need a Needlepoint project?

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