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Freestanding Fringe Earrings

Technique Tuesday - Freestanding Designs

Kathryn Bost


Freestanding designs are embroidery designs that have been digitized to do just that: stitch out on their own without the need for a base project! These types of designs are generally best done on a Tear-Away or Wash-Away stabilizer, making finishing up the project a breeze. 

When classifying our freestanding projects, we tend to look for 2 key components in their construction: a back fabric being added on the back of the hoop to cover any bobbin stitches and satin stitch edges for a clean, finished look. These types of designs are great for quick projects, simple gifts, or even as fun accessories. 

Freestanding in 3 Steps

3 basic freestanding steps

Shown above is the simple, 3 step process that goes into this technique from our Fringe Earrings collection! The basic steps to any freestanding project are:

1. Decorative Embroidery: You'll start by running the machine steps and thread color changes in the design.

2. Back Fabric: A key part of freestanding designs is that they have a back fabric attached on the back of the hoop that is tacked down and trimmed.

3. Satin Stitch: To finish, there will be a satin stitch outline to give a clean finish to the design that also covers the edges of the front and back fabrics. We recommend winding matching bobbin for this step so the back matches the front.

Because these designs are meant to be seen from all sides, these basics ensure that your design will look fabulous at any angle! And remember, our designs are specially digitized so that the entire process is done right In-The-Hoop!

Use Freestanding in many ways!

We’ve crafted up all sorts of freestanding collections—bags, coasters, pot holders, doll houses, puzzles, and gift tags, just to name a few. You’ll be able to find a freestanding design for just about any occasion!

Looking for a Freestanding project?

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