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5 Inspiring Embroidery Ideas Using Sewin' Singles

5 Inspiring Embroidery Ideas Using Sewin' Singles

Hey ya’ll! It’s a new week here at AGD, which means it’s time for another fun bog! As you have probably spotted on our website, we have recently released a TON of single designs, with everything from tropical to occupational, or simple to extra detailed. These single designs are also known as Sewin’ Singles and can be found on our website’s home page under the category Embroidery Designs.
What makes our Sewin’ Singles designs better than the rest? Well, the answer is quite simple. When shopping for the ideal machine embroidery collection, you’ll often find the ideal design for your project, but do not want to spend the money on the entire collection. This is where Sewin’ Singles comes in! Instead of purchasing the entire collection, you now have the ability to purchase one design at time as you sift through the plethora of single motifs we have to offer in our Sewin’ Singles category.
Anita Goodesign has recently dropped quite a few new designs in this category, which is why today’s blog will leave you with 5 inspiring projects—using single designs only!


Totes bags are always a number one item on any embroiderer’s list, as the genuine canvas provides the creator a nice base to work with. Our Realistic Floral Leopard is perfect for a project like this due its size, detail, and color options. The vibrant threads truly pop against the canvas material, which ultimately creates one tropical aesthetic!


Speaking of the tropics, we have quite a few shell options listed under our Sewin’ Singles category that you may have overlooked, including the design used in this photo, Shell Sisters! It’s time to head the beach fully prepared with all the important essentials, which most definitely include your one-of-a-kind machine embroidered towel.


We have discussed Meaningful Gift Giving Ideas For Newborns a few weeks back. However, this cute, sleepy design was not available at the time! Try stitching our Baby Gnome motif onto a small-scaled project for a little one in your life. This design is only available in one size (2.8″ x 2.8″), so make sure you plan accordingly!


Adding machine embroidery designs to apparel will forever be my favorite. I mean, just look how cool our Beautiful Butterfly motif looks on this plain white t-shirt! Be your own designer by adding your favorite Sewin’ Singles to a t-shirt, denim jacket, or even jeans. The options are endless!


Unfortunately, summer is starting to come to a close. However, as autumn approaches, fall designs are released. We have a few fall design under our Sewin’ Singles category, including this lovely Pumpkin Crest motif. Place this design on your front porch pillows, a garden flag, or kitchen apron as you stir up some fun, fall recipes!
I hope these 5 examples using some of our Sewin’ Singles designs will inspire you with your next Sewin’ Singles project.
As we head into September, I have a few fall projects planned to prepare us for fall festivities, decorating the home, and possibly some exciting Halloween projects!
As always, thanks for joining me, and happy sewing!
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